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Physbone VRChat shop update

Hello beans ❤️

The Awtter was ready for Physbones 2 hours after the VRChat public release because it was already tested in Beta, but the rest took me a while to line up with, sorry !

Everything (except UwU DLC and Zombie Awtter) is now compatible with the new VRChat Dynamics system, even the Quest content !
All the updates are free of course, just check up your Downloads in

For DLC users, the Awtter Merger has been updated and it's mandatory to replace yours in your projects if you are still using it (you can overwrite the old one), It will keep you from using an older version !

Next up is the UwU, it's taking a while because some new features are in devlopment for it, I hope you will like them ! Then it will be time for 3.0 (dev started on it already) !!!

Don't forget that you can get all the news and technical support in the community Discord that you can join through

Hope you guys have fun, see you soon ❤️


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Awttsome news for ya :3

Awttervarsary live in an hour !!!

Awtter 1 year anniversary

Substance is there !!!

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