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Awttervarsary live in an hour !!!

Hi !!!
Sorry for sending an email again, but it's time EEEEEE !
Thank you guys for all your answers from the first mail, sorry for having too much on my plate to answer them !

One year ago, the Awtter has been released and the community is born <3

We are gonna celebrate that tonight, first with a Live Stream, and then with some dancing and games plublic instances !

How to watch the Stream :

1 - In VRChat for PC / Desktop users bu joining the Awtter Space 2.0 world yourself OR one of the linked instances in #­čÄłanniv-instances­čÄł (you can post yours !)
2 - On Twitch at
3 - On Discord, in #­čÄłanniversary (please use #­čÄłanniversary-chat­čÄł to ask your questions for the live and big talkies. Small talkies and reactions are tolerated in the vocal but not more !)

For the first time, the Awtter and all its DLCs are discounted, and by 30% ! it will last for 24 hours only.
The code for the discount is public and will be displayed on the live all the time.

We've been working crazy on this, hope you'll have a good time !

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