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Awtter 1 year anniversary

Boop <3

Hope you are all doing fine, I don't send posts very often but I thought that would be a good occasion.

We are gonna celebrate the 1 year since the Awtter release, and also existence of the Awtter Space community, in VRChat.
First, it's gonna be a streamed closed instance with some stuff planned :

 • Roadmap end 2021 / 2022
 • Community movie, 1 year of footage (edited, thanks god !)
 • Awtty Awards
 • Thankies
 • Shows (singers and dancers)

Be ready, it's for Saturday, September 18th, 6pm EDT (NY) 3pm PDT (L.A.) 12am CET (Paris)
And it's gonna be on live @ :
The stream will be force display on every instance of the Awtter Space 2.0 VRChat world, you can just go there on time with a bunch of friend and watch it ^^

After the stream, we planned to open several instances in friends+ for dancing (DJ) and playin games, join the discord if you didnt yet ! 

Have a lovely day.

Best regards,

Physbone VRChat shop update

Awttsome news for ya :3

Awttervarsary live in an hour !!!

Substance is there !!!

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