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Awttsome news for ya :3

Hi there ! Hope y'all doing amazing ❤️

I do my best to not overflow your email box, so my posts are rare but there's quite interesting news and I guess it worth it !

• The Awdeer model (Reindeer edition of the Awtter) is officially one year old and it's discounted (-30% !) for the occasion, the code is "ONEYEAR". If you were hesitating, it's the moment to grab it !

• Almost a year after the Patreon vote, the Femboi DLC is finally released ! 3 outfits in one to satisfy all your needs (compatible with UwU model !)
Presentation page :
Where you can get it : (options on the right)

• I reworked the Awtter Space VRChat world from scratch, feel free to visit and send your feedbacks <3

• We have a live event tonight (or late evening) on this Friday, December 17th at 4pm EST, the theme is Christmas Ugly Sweater ! You can watch it on the Awtter Space World (the stream is not quest compatible) or on Twitch :

❤️ I wish you the absolute best for holidays time, take care of yourself ❤️

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Physbone VRChat shop update

Awttervarsary live in an hour !!!

Awtter 1 year anniversary

Substance is there !!!

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