Awtter VRChat / Telegram : Stickers pack

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Awtter VRChat / Telegram : Stickers pack

Shade the Bat
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Fully editable stickers for VRChat (the Awtter is equipped to display them already !). You can also use them on Telegram and Discord, a template is provided to convert them :3

They are free for Patreons ! https://www.patreon.com/shadethebat

Completely layered, very easy to figure out what is where and it takes just a few minutes to fully recolor them (30 seconds when you are used to it).
Dedicated files for Photoshop (paid software) and Krita (free software)

Term of services :
• This product cannot be resold, or distributed / given for free
• Both parties need to own this license to make a receive a commission
• A flat .PNG made out of my sticker pack cannot be resold / distributed / given either
. You are allowed to modify the line and layers for yourself or a unique commission
. You are allowed to use the stickers as twitch emotes for exemples, credit is appreciated
• Using the credits sticker for telegram is not mandatory but appreciated

Edit the pack :

Create a Sticker pack on Telegram :

I want this!
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