The Awdeer VRChat

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What is the Awdeer ?

Just a cute furry reindeer model for VRC (VRChat) ! The package is full ready to use (very easy) and comes with tutorials ! It gets a lot of free updates and improvements overtime, stay in touch in Discord <3

I live out of my creations, it's my full time job ! You can support me through Patreon :

How do I get my product ?

  • Select Awdeer base model below and write your price
  • The email address you enter before you pay holds your license
  • Register to with the same email address
  • Confirm your email, and your files will be in the "Purchases" tab
  • You can join the community and vibe with us :
  • Get your certification Discord role in #get-certified

I need help !

Tutorials are available in here :
Feel free to join the Discord community server, we do provide technical support. If you are new to VRChat avatar stuff, I have made a bunch of very useful tutorials to make your life easier

What are the other purchase options ?

They are DLCs (content extensions) that you can get to support my work on the model and have nice extra stuff for it !

The files are not on Gumroad, you'll be redirected after the purchase to register on the Website :
Make sure you register with the same email address than your Gumroad purchase !

Therms Of Service :


  • Customize and edit the model the way you want for yourself.
  • Commission or being commissionned but only with Discord @certified members
  • Use the model in NeosVR and CVR
  • Use the vrm and LIV versions for Youtube and Twitch but you need to credit the product with the following link :


  • Resell, redistribute, GIVE any awtter related content (even to close persons)
  • Sharing files for technical support to someone who is not @certified
  • Remove or alter the watermark inside the chest (you can add your name on it if you made a commission <3)
  • Use inapropriate edits on PUBLIC worlds
  • Sell subproduct of the model (3D prints, badges, etc...)
  • Upload an awtter as Public unless your edit is accepted through this submission form :
  • Sell others species/edits made out of the awtter model unless it's a unique commission


• Works in VRC and NeosVR
• Quest compatible provided package
• Included VRM version (Vseeface, luppet etc) for Youtubers and Streamers
• 3.0 SDK
• Fullbody tracking compatible
• Dynamics on hair, ears, tail, nose, tongue, collar
• Both hands colliders for the dynamic bones
• All visemes, 8 facial expressions (pupils and ears react to expressions) + special blendshapes for custom expression creation 3.0 avatar puppet control for the tail, tongue and ears !
• All UV and textures maps, easy to edit, PSD and PNG + Substance file with masks ! EASY TO USE
• Collar inculded (now with toggle)
• PDF file with ToS, features and Instructions
• Idle animations : Nose sniffing, breathing, wagging tail, disturbed ears
• Desktop version for dynamic bones setup Female body and material / map available
• Full ready scene

I want this!


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The Awdeer VRChat

91 ratings
I want this!